French Music Festivals

Music festivals are held throughout the year in France. These music festivas attract people from all over the world.

Paris is the city that hosts music festivals all year round. From January to December Paris offers a rich program of classic music festivals. The city homes numerous opera houses, concerts halls, churches and other venues for concerts to take place. Almost at any day of the year a visitor to the capital city of France can see plenty of concerts and other musical events taking place.

The Sully and Loiret Festival represents a small festival of high quality music that takes place in the Château de Sully from late May to June. The festival is mostly devoted to small ensembles and chamber music. Continue reading

Famous French Music

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Speaking about the famous French music one needs to distinguish its main streams.
Chanson Française represents a typical style of French music. This genre of music is still very popular in France of today. The most important artists of Chason style are Édith Piaf, Georges Brassens, Mireille Mathieu, Jacques Brel, Salvatore Adam and others. One of the most beloved and successful vocalist of these music style is Dalida. During the 70s new artists modernized Chanson genre Alain Souchon, Renaud, Alain Chamfort, etc. The pop variant of chanson that is known as “variété” is represented by such singers as Francis Cabrel,Laurent Voulzy and Jean-Jacques Goldman. Continue reading

Traditional French Music

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Traditional French music is the folk music of France. If compared to the most of European countries, France is old. The area of France used to be much bigger than its present size. In modern terms France comprised France, Belgium, part of Netherlands, Western part of Switzerland and Germany.
French people were interested in their folk heritage at its early stage in history and many folk songs were collected by Hersart de la Villemarqué and later published in 1839. Authentic folk traditions including folk music were passing from generation to generation, so no folk music passed away by neglect. Continue reading

French Café Music

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French Café can be referred to as a genre of French music. French Café is a classical and modern music that has the ability to transport its listeners to the romantic streets of Paris. French café is also an album that features legendary names in the history of the French music and also singers, who were inspired by chanson, jazz, gypsy and mussette music. The songs of such icons as Brigitte Bardot, Barbara, Jane Birkin. Alongside, there are also modern musicians and singers adding their talent to the classic French sound: Paris Combo, Polo, Sanseverino, Coralie Clement, Mathieu Boogaerts, Enzo Enzo, and Baguette Quartette.
Paris has been a center of café culture for a long time and its cafes has been attracting artists, musicians, bohemians, laborers, etc. French music of this time was inseparably linked to the cafes and music halls. Continue reading

French Music Charts

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France is a very developed country. French music, French singers, bands and music genres are known all over the world. France attracts thousands of tourists to its music festivals. France is the country with taste and French people have their style in music.
France is also open to all the music genres and the songs of world’s famous singers are played on the local radio stations. The tendencies in music in 21th century are changing rather fast. However, pop music will always remain popular. French music charts reflect how popular this or that singer, band and music genre are at a certain period of time. Present French music charts are being composed every week and can be found on music websites, popular magazines on music, fashion and local radio stations. Continue reading