Famous French Music

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Speaking about the famous French music one needs to distinguish its main streams.
Chanson Française represents a typical style of French music. This genre of music is still very popular in France of today. The most important artists of Chason style are Édith Piaf, Georges Brassens, Mireille Mathieu, Jacques Brel, Salvatore Adam and others. One of the most beloved and successful vocalist of these music style is Dalida. During the 70s new artists modernized Chanson genre Alain Souchon, Renaud, Alain Chamfort, etc. The pop variant of chanson that is known as “variété” is represented by such singers as Francis Cabrel,Laurent Voulzy and Jean-Jacques Goldman.
Rock ‘N Roll inroaded the French music scene in 1950s. Inspired by legendary Elvis Presley French stars of Rock ‘N Roll appear: Claude François, yé-yé girls, Richard Anthony, Johnny Hallyday and others. Though rock wasn’t popular in France of 70s the new style in music such as psychedelic rock was on the peak. Alan Stivell gave raise to the French folk rock.
France has become the leading producer of progressive Rock ‘N Roll in 70s. The most well-known band Magma has also created its own music style known as Zehul music. Punk rock had best represented by arisen in 1970s Métal Urbain and Oberkamp.
French most famous heavy metal bands are Gojira, Loudblast, Massacra, Yyrkoon, Anorexia Nervosa, etc. The ‘shoegaze’ black metal also had many bands from France: Amesoeurs, Alcest, , Les Discrets.
French house is a French form of house music that appeared in 1990s. The latest form of Euro disco, also known as New disco or Disco House or tekfunk started its development in the beginning of the 21st century. The First Frencjh experiments in French House were noticed in 1997-1999. Stardust, Cassius and Daft Punk are the first internationally successful artist of this music genre.
Hip-Hop and Raï are other very famous French music genres.

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