French Café Music

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French Café can be referred to as a genre of French music. French Café is a classical and modern music that has the ability to transport its listeners to the romantic streets of Paris. French café is also an album that features legendary names in the history of the French music and also singers, who were inspired by chanson, jazz, gypsy and mussette music. The songs of such icons as Brigitte Bardot, Barbara, Jane Birkin. Alongside, there are also modern musicians and singers adding their talent to the classic French sound: Paris Combo, Polo, Sanseverino, Coralie Clement, Mathieu Boogaerts, Enzo Enzo, and Baguette Quartette.
Paris has been a center of café culture for a long time and its cafes has been attracting artists, musicians, bohemians, laborers, etc. French music of this time was inseparably linked to the cafes and music halls.
In the end of 1950s and the beginning of 1960s, French music has underwent a radical change, being impacted by American and British pop and Rock’ N Roll music. Brigitte Bardot, who was internationally recognized in 1960s was a popular singer of the so-called “ye-ye” style. Serge Gainsbourg with his avant-garde music has become an icon and inspiration for many French musicians and artists of all over the world.
Recently, the French music genres, that were popular in the beginning of the 20th century, have been experiencing their return on French music scene. Many contemporary French singers and bands are drawing inspiration from mussette, chanson, jazz and gypsy. Young French musicians are embracing the motives of French music icons such as Edith Piaf, Georges Brassens and Django Reinhardtm, whose style had been earlier treated as that of another era.
French Café music has united the musicians of an earlier age with modern artists, who were inspired by their predecessors to create a nostalgic and progressive music.

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