French Music Charts

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France is a very developed country. French music, French singers, bands and music genres are known all over the world. France attracts thousands of tourists to its music festivals. France is the country with taste and French people have their style in music.
France is also open to all the music genres and the songs of world’s famous singers are played on the local radio stations. The tendencies in music in 21th century are changing rather fast. However, pop music will always remain popular. French music charts reflect how popular this or that singer, band and music genre are at a certain period of time. Present French music charts are being composed every week and can be found on music websites, popular magazines on music, fashion and local radio stations. People, who are interested in listening to the most popular music or find what is popular now in France, need just following these charts and be on the top of French music rating. The more popular the singer or the band is, the higher its position on chart will be. French music charts are being created on the base of the questioners, more frequently asked tracks on French radios and music channels and on-line votes for the songs. Usually these charts also state what artists and songs have dropped out of the list of top songs. The most popular French charts comprise 40 top songs in France at a certain period of time, sometimes even 100, but not more.
If you are interested in retro music, music of past you can browse on-line for the best tracks of certain decade and you will find the French music charts of the time you are interested in. This has become possible by the means of internet. There are also French music charts in certain genre of music where one can find the most popular tracks in pop, jazz, rock, chanson, etc.
French music charts reflect music preferences and likings of French people at a certain moment in time.

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